Tile Drill Bit & Porcelain Tile Drill Bit *2021

Tile Drill Bit should be used at low speed and without impact. Porcelain Tile Drill Bit is a special drill for drilling holes in glass and soft ceramics thanks to its precisely ground, spear-shaped hard metal plate. When using a Tile Drill Bit, holes should always be drilled at low speed and without pressure and with continuous cooling with water or kerosene. One of the biggest challenges you can make yourself is drilling tiles. Tiles can crumble and even crumble. For this reason, the perforation of tiles in rented apartments is not welcome and should be discussed with the landlord. So, if there is no other way and you cannot find a suitable adhesive solution, all you have to do is take the drill.

Tile Drill Bit & Porcelain Tile Drill Bit

Tile Drill Bit can always cool and not burn. Therefore, a bowl of cold water should be prepared with the tile drill bit. To find the right drill, you need to know the hardness of scratching the tile. This is decisive in how strong a tile’s ceramic glaze offers. A distinction is made between levels 1 and 10, where Level 8 porcelain stoneware is one of the hardest coatings. Normal tiles and glass cutters can machine tiles with a scratch thickness of 3. Observing various tricks such as a center punch or cross adhesive tape will also help prevent cracking of the tile. It is also important to consider carefully how often you need the tile drill. Under certain circumstances, it may be beneficial to purchase a higher quality diamond tile drill rather than buying the cheaper alternative over and over.


Tile Drill Bit price is near 20$.

Tile Drill Bit is produced from high quality steel.

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