Snow Joe Snow Blower & Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe Snow Blower are true heroes when the driveway is covered in snow and they have the strength to achieve it. Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower has an efficient two-stage system and with good traction from the tires, you can easily go on the snow. When your driveway is covered with snow, a Snow Joe Snow Blower snow thrower is your true savior. With an efficient two-stage system for good traction, power steering, and thick tread tires, you will be able to move on the snow with ease.

Snow Joe Snow Blower & Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe Snow Blower two-stage snow throwers are powerful and suitable for working with large amounts of snow. The electric snow blower is more energy-efficient than gas sprayers and is ideal for people who are aware of their environmental impact. The Snow Joe Blower uses a 13.5 amp motor to deliver a lot of power without too much effort. Four steel blades 18 “x 10” rotate to cut a path and transport snow up to 650 pounds per minute. In total, you can clear 2,450 square feet of snow in just one hour.

Snow Joe Snow Blower plugs into any 120-volt outdoor outlet and shuts down your home’s electrical system. The power cord provides a stable power supply without having to worry about running out of fuel or batteries.

Snow Joe Snow Blower Technical Features:

Type engine: B&S 675 Ready Start
Chassis material: Steel
Front Wheels: 18cm
Rear Wheels: 20cm
Cutting height adjustment center
Safety switch: Yes
Grass Storage Container: 60lt
Own weight: 34 kg
Cutting width: 46 cm


Snow Joe Snow's price is nearly 600$.

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