Porter Cable Drill & Porter Cable Drill Press

Porter Cable Drill provides the opportunity to work without fatigue for a long time, especially in overhead or hard to reach areas. Porter-Cable Drill Press cable system with suspension for practical storage. Thanks to the mAh Li-Ion battery, it maintains 86% of its charge even if it is not used for 180 days. Since there is no memory effect, there is no need to charge before each use. With its 18-step torque setting. Thanks to its electronic speed adjustment, it provides the most appropriate control according to the material used in drilling and screwing applications. With comfortable use thanks to soft, non-slip coatings.

Porter Cable Drill & Porter Cable Drill Press

Porter Cable Drill has superior control and precision in all kinds of screwing applications with drilling in wood, metal, plastic. The feature that distinguishes this drill from other drill brands is that it is produced with high technology to meet the needs of customers. Lithium-Ion battery technology offers the same high performance as Nickel Cadmium at much less weight. The carrying case protects the tool and holds the accessories together. Thanks to the double battery, it has the opportunity to work without waiting for the charging time.

Porter Cable Drill Technical Specs:

  • Sturdy Power Tools Pro Sturdy Plus Electronic Cell Protection ECP protects the battery against overload, overheating, and deep discharge.
  • Electronic Motor Protection EMP protects the motor from overload and extends its service life.
  • It illuminates dark work areas with its integrated LED light and daylight detection function.
  • Practical belt clip for easy hanging of the tool on a belt or ladder.
  • Motor brake for precise work in the serial screwdriver.
  • Impressive solutions for the entry-level segment in professional applications.
  • Keyless chuck with 10 mm bit holder for common accessories.
  • New ergonomics, better grip thanks to its compact structure.

Porter-Cable Drill Press press should have the following features.

  • Space, secretion, and noise should be at a minimum.
  • The panel, electrical components, and engine must be 1st class.
  • It should have low voltage, safe but good lighting.
  • It must be CE certified.
  • There should be a visor, start-stop, emergency stop in accordance with work safety.
  • It should be guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years.

Porter Cable Drill price is nearly 300$.

Porter Cable brands are quality a brand preferred by everyone.

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