Makita Lawn Mower 18V & Review and Specs *2021

Makita Lawn Mower helps you easily cut your lawn in one size in professional areas. Makita Cordless Lawn Mower is easy to use and ergonomic for cutting. It is preferred for use in gardens, grass fields, sites, landscape areas. With a motor power of 1100 Watt, the lawnmower works non-stop for a long time. The machine, which can mow the grass in your garden quickly with its high engine power, performs as if it was new for many years.

Lawn Mower & Makita Cordless Lawn Mower

Makita Lawn Mower has 3 adjustable speed levels. Thanks to this feature of the machine, you can slowly enjoy the gardening work you do as a hobby, and finish your work quickly when you are in a hurry. The mower has an advanced brake system. When mowing, when obstacles such as stones that may come out of the ground are seen, the machine’s brake system can be used to stop immediately. This increases the service life of the machine’s blades. With a 27-liter turf chamber, the machine allows you to work on a large area in one go. You can mow the lawn of an entire garden on the same day with the machine, which has a 400 square meter capacity.

Makita Lawn Mower Technical Features:

Chassis: ABS.
Motor: 1100 W.
Cutting width: 33 CM.
Height adjustment: 3 Levels 20/55 MM.
Wheel size: 130/160 MM.
Grass tank: 27 L plastic.
Usable area: 400 m2.
Weight: 13 KG.


Makita Lawn Mower price is near 400$.

Makita brand is a brand that produces the best products that can meet the needs of customers.

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