Lawn Mower Air Filter & Craftsman Air Filter *2021

Lawn Mower Air Filter may differ from the manufacturer and company. Craftsman Lawn Mower Air Filter is also an important part in terms of cleaning the lawn mower.  These can be oil-bath or dry paper filters. Depending on your frequency of use and as described in the user manual, the air filters must be cleaned and replaced when necessary. This will extend the life of your engine and your lawnmower. However, not only dirt and dust can contaminate the air filter. If the mower is tilted in the wrong direction, oil from the oil pan often enters the air filter and carburetor through the vent hose. Make sure the spark plug is pointing up while bending. Some petrol mowers are designed in such a way that oil can drain out when mowing steep slopes.

Lawn Mower Air Filter & Craftsman Lawn Mower Air Filter

Lawn Mower Air Filter of the lawnmower will protect its engine from the air that could otherwise contaminate and damage the lawnmower. The air in the mower cannot be cleaned, dirt and dust reduce the chewing of the engine. In the worst case, it breaks down into important parts and the engine fails. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned periodically.

Lawn Mower Air Filter Filter:

To clean the mower air filter, you must first remove the plastic cover. This can be done with a simple move or by removing the screws/wing nuts. The old filter is then discarded and the housing cleaned with your hands or cloth before installing the new air filter. But do not use chemical solvents to clean the air filter!

The cover should also be cleaned of any dirt. When attaching the cover, make sure that it seals the housing again.

Paper air filter of the lawnmower:

To clean this type of lawnmower air filter, the filter cover is also removed initially.

The filter element should now be tapped lightly on a flat surface. The filter can be reinstalled after most of the dirt has been removed. If the dirt is too stubborn, the filter is damp or broken, a new one should be replaced.

In the case of a pre-filter and pre-cleaner are available, the barrier between the oil pre-cleaner and the paper element can be washed, if made of plastic.

They can be pre-filtered and lubricated. Instructions can be found in the manufacturer’s manual.


Lawn Mower Air Filter price is nearly 10-15$.

The Lawn Mower needs to be cleaned for better functioning and longevity.

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