Hover Mower For Sale & Review and Specs *2021

Hover Mower is an alternative to lawnmowers. Hover Lawn Mower is a user-friendly and lightweight alternative to a conventional lawnmower. The airbag mower does not require any physical force, as the device moves on an airbag. The devices can be the same size and very compact so that they can be used without problems and very compact. In this comparison, we explain what to look for when buying an airbag lawnmower.

Hover Mower & Hover Lawn Mower

Hover Mower has an Advanced 3 blade system. Thanks to the ingenious air cushion principle, every lawn can be mowed very easily without much effort, avoiding unsightly tire marks and dents. It allows a cutting width of around 28 cm. Perfect for small lawns and well maintained front gardens. Cutting heights of 1 or 2 cm are perfect for an even, dense and healthy lawn.

Hover Mower Features:

Air cushion design for maximum freedom of movement
Ideal for small areas and slopes
Child lock (security button)
Very easy to use
Robust plastic housing, protection class: IPX4
Advanced 3-blade system
Variable cutting height: 10 mm or 20 mm
Cutting width: about 28 cm
Strong performance: 1000 W.
Power connection cable: approx. 40 cm


Hover Mower price is nearly 300$.

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