Ego Snow Blower Review and Features *2021

Ego Snow Blower Review uses professional new two-stage EGO POWER technology. Delivers the power and performance of similar products gasoline-powered devices without noise, effort, and emissions. Peak Power ™ technology combines the power of any two EGO 56V Arc Lithium ™ batteries to tackle even the toughest snow conditions with ease – the two batteries provide maximum performance in the harshest conditions. The variable-speed wheel drive provides comfortable handling and an additional reverse gear makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Ego Snow Blower Review and Features

Ego Snow Blower Review with its 61 cm clearance width and 50 cm collection height, the new snow blower tackles difficult snow conditions quickly and effortlessly. It smoothly clears the eight-car-long road of more than 35 cm of snow. Plus, four brightly shining LED lights to make it easy to go out in the early morning or late evening. Variable velocity auger and adjustable 200-degree ejection provide full control over the direction and launch distance up to 15 meters. The controls can also be easily operated with thick winter gloves.

Ego Snow Blower Review (Technical):

Gap width: 61 cm
Cavity height: 49 cm
Battery motor: Peak Power
Working time: up to 25 minutes (20-25 cm of snow) | Up to 15 minutes (25-30 cm of snow)
charging time: 60 min (one battery in each charger, charged in parallel)
launch distance: up to 13 m
cleaning volume / min: 950 kg (55 to./h)
wheel size: 38 cm, Strong profile for better traction


Ego Snow Blower price is nearly 1200-1600$.

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