Drill Press Vise & Drill Press Milling Vise *2021

Drill Press Vise is used to fix the part to be drilled or carved with a drill. Drill press milling vise allows drilling in the same direction without missing dimension. The weight of the drill clamp is large enough to withstand the torque of the drill. In case the material fixed to the vice requires extra holding, it can be fixed by holding the drilled jaw by the moving throttle. Thus, by using a drill with one hand, it is ensured that the part is securely fixed with the other hand. Hook drill vise has pointed jaws. The working principle of all drill clamps is the same. Vise jaws move in a horizontal plane. The vise is fixed to a fixed and movable jaw. The movable jaw is moved by turning the butterfly on the vise. In addition, a fixing apparatus is attached to the clamp throttle in order to prevent the part fixed in the vise from being thrown back. Simply press another location to quickly clamp or tighten.

Drill Press Vise & Drill Press Milling Vise

Drill Press Vise can be moved to an environment where the drill is used without the need for fixing it to a table or concrete floor. Drill press milling vise is used when drilling or carving needs to be applied to thinner materials. Drill vise is more affordable than other tabletop vices. In addition, the drill vise price varies according to the preferred brand and the material quality of the vise teeth.

Drill Press Vise General Features

1. Jaws are raised and widened to increase the clamping force and make the workpiece more stable during machining.

2. Stable and non-deflection guide bar guide is added when the jaws move.

3.Using high-quality materials, strong and durable, has a long service life.

4.It is used for fixing workpieces in metalworking and other aspects, especially with good performance.

5.Strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, can be used with peace of mind.

Drill Press Vise Price

Drill Press Vice prices vary with material quality and various brands. However, their average price is between 100$ and 150$.


Drill Press Vise price is nearly 100$ - 150$.

Yes, Drill Press Vises is made of high quality cast steel.

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